Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dont be so...SHEA.. My first natural hair meetup.

I decided to venture out of my apartment to meet other naturals in Albany. I missed the product swap by a week upon joining back in July. However, I was excited for :" Natural talent + Natural products = Naturally Beautiful." event held on Saturday, August 25th. You would have thought I was going out on date the days leading up to it-"What should I bring?", "Dress or shorts?" and "What should I do to my hair?!'

  • Meeting the other wonderful ladies.
  • Coming home with whipped shea butter and diy curl defining serum.
I'm in love with these Mason jars.
  • Talking to others who can relate and laugh about hair. It's gets lonely talking to yourself about how dry your ends are or the joys of having a sweet twistout. Plus, my boyfriend can only take so much of my new hobby. Also, I don't think all the YT guru's/vloggers I watch can hear me thru the computer screen. I like having company that can interact and add to my knowledge!


  • RSVP'S and being on time: 1.  I dislike lateness. 2. If you rsvp to an event or party, you should attend. It's rude! 
I would have liked to meet the other women that rsvp'ed for the event as well.
It's unfair to the event planner to plan for x amount of people-money, time and supplies and only half of x show up.
That was the only miss, or rather a personal pet peeve. However, there are factors one can not control in life. So you make the best of it!

& we did.

We made three whipped puddings with a shea butter base. The first contained coconut and peppermint oil and vegetable glycerin. The second had aloe vera, vegtable glycerin, coconut oil. The last one had grapeseed oil, rosemary oil and vitamin E.

I can't wait to try them in my hair. Plus, they will work well as a body butter for the upcoming fall and winter.

SO, I will be attending more meetups in the 518 and NYC area. It's a good time. All for the love of hair.

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