Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Marley Bun.

I love my hair. However, I have been wearing the same style for the past 7-9 months. I'm bored. My boyfriend's band has a jazz competition this Friday night at Blue 82 in downtown Albany. So obviously I want to look cute.  I'm with the band!

Also, fall is quickly approaching and I want to start implementing protective styles. I want to get better at styling and have options.

YouTube! A style challenged girl's best friend. Unless you have a friend that does your hair (lucky). I watched a number a videos and stumbled upon 3 I found super helpful:
BlakIzBeautyful's bun, MissGlamourGirl1992 bun and bang and mstanish1 bun

I went to my neighborhood BSS and purchased a pack of Model Model Marley hair for 5 bucks and a pack of small bobby pins for a dollar. I picked up the hoops in the pics for 1.50. Less than 10-Cheap and Chic!

I practiced on a old twistout. I misted my hair with water and added a bit of shea butter to my hair before adding ecostyler with Argan Oil. I added three flat twist in the back because my hair was not stretched enough to place into a pony. Then, I slicked all the hair as best as i could with a Ouchless Goody band.

I two strand twisted one side on the Marley hair and placed the hair on my hair using the original rubber band. I started wrapping the loose hair around and bobby pinned as I went. After that was done, I wrapped the other side and bobby pinned that. ALL DONE!

This style can be sleek or you can make your bun as big and messy as you want. After I master doing this, I want to try adding the faux bang featured in MissGlamourGirl1992's video.  I will post pics of the "true" bun results after Friday night.


  • If you are going to an event, birthday, want to look FLY for Saturday night and etc, I would highly recommend trying this out first. Practice makes perfect.
  • If you plan on blow drying your hair to stretch it, heat protectant first. Grapeseed oil is a great heat protectant that you might have in your bathrooms! CHI 44 thermal protectant spray and IC hair polisher heat protector serum are two that come to mind as well.
  • Moisture your ends before putting them away!
  • Your edges. If they are stressed easily, I would do this 3 days in a row max. 
  • When in doubt, gel gel and more gel! Also, using a satin scarf to smooth down the edges. Overnight for a sleeker look.

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