Saturday, October 27, 2012

Protective style time.

New hair makes me dance.

For the winter, I purchased a half way Outre- Tammy.  I've heard good things about her and I have seen her in person.

She was about 20 dollars at my local bss. She is big and surprisingly soft for synthetic hair. I co-washed using a VO5 condish in cool water. Then, air dryed Tammy overnight. Fluffed lighty and was all set!

My mom has two Tammy's. One for everyday use. The second for special occasions. Smart move.

  • Make sure to moisture hair underneath.
  • You can cowash the hair before you wear it.
  • Treat it well. I don't sleep with Tammy, finger comb her lightly. If she is not going to be worn for while, I don't leave her naked. (She goes back in the package.)

I liked this style for Tammy. Styling Tammy using twists.

Happy Hair.

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